About Us


Our purpose is to be a community catalyst innovating for social impact and creating sustainability.

Building community consciousness through experiential education and practical applications of water conservation techniques.

Communities enjoy good health, a higher quality of life, and where business is celebrated for their efforts in preserving & conserving the resources they use, is the environment R&H is continuously fostering.


R&H Recycling will create avenues for conscious communities to preserve their most precious resource, water.

R&H Recycling will lead communities in realizing the benefits of water efficient practices within sustainable living, while passing that
leadership on to the area youth.

R&H Recycling will create tangible spaces for the business community to be celebrated and appreciated for conscious efforts in preserving and conserving the resources they use, within the communities they operate.



R&H Recycling was birthed out a heightened awareness about certain elements of American everyday culture that had become detrimentally corrosive to fundamental resources of human life. A family friend introduced Daniel Rumley to the ramifications of improperly disposed cooking oil to the municipal water systems around the country, and the essence of R&H began to present itself.

The essence of R&H, the conservation and preservation of water, coupled with the need for a critical mass of the breathing population to adopt the awareness around corrosive elements detrimental to water, the need to Research and Develop new applications of time-tested mediums became clear.


Optimization of resources is the core tenet of R&H Recycling. We are building a network that is both digital and physical, merging the primary aspects of the age we live in, and made possible with human participation. While our scope is modern, it is also an eclectic mix of traditional methods, new approaches, and youthful energy.


We raise the bar on local focus and human interaction.

  • Finding partners within the confines of fragile neighborhoods aligned with the  R&H spirit, and looking to connect across various local initiatives
  • Leading Education Community Partnerships with local schools, local youth clubs/associations, and faith-based organizations to engage youth. Young people are the catalyst for social change
  • Partnering with local stakeholders to bring awareness to the ramifications of water pollution  and further inform residents about the options they have to make a positive impact in their neighborhood
  • Every program that R&H administers is for the purposes of Education For Action – to conserve and preserve water Maximum community involvement

A. Create as many youth leaders as possible, driving the Water Awareness efforts

B. Ability to employ surrounding community members

C. Ability to prime the local economy by supplying life sustaining elements

D. Ability to aid the community in diverting waste from local landfill

E. Ability to be financially sustainable through programming

Daniel Rumley, Executive Director

Daniel Rumley believes the collective access to clean food, clean water, and clean energy for local communities is only achievable through education and when an impact on a personal level, can be tangibly felt.In previous work history, Daniel had the opportunity to adding value to urban agriculture initiatives around the southeast, and nationally launched/locally driven educational reform efforts throughout the country.